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I absolutely love working out at POWERSPORT Fitness. It’s clean, friendly, fun, accessible. It is, by far, the best gym I have ever been to! And I’m so proud of the results. I can see them in the mirror and on the court. I’m stronger, taller, more powerful. My posture is better, and I feel great. Seriously, from one honest man to another, I can’t recommend this place enough…

This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.

Sam S. – Shaker Heights

I have trained with Jason at POWERSPORT for a while now-and the quality of training has always been catered to my ability, and has not lost its charm since day one. I get my butt kicked, but Jason also knows how to focus on recovery, stretching, and flexibility just as well as strength and conditioning. I walk away from every workout feeling every bit better than I did before I walked into the gym. The facility is top of the line as well-but not intimidating. Great work so far POWERSPORT!

This customer rated you highly for professionalism, work quality, value, responsiveness, and punctuality.

Chris N. – Chagrin Falls

Jason was exceptional in every way. I started with chronic back injury and a very low level of fitness. I was also very discouraged by recurrent injury when working out on my own, and had unhealthy life habits and a a lot of self-recrimination. Jason was patient, encouraging and made sure I did workouts that pushed my limits without injury. After he moved I drove 45 minutes to follow him to his new site. I could not recommend him more highly.

This customer rated you highly for professionalism, and responsiveness.

Kathy M. – Shaker Heights

My wife and I have been training with them for over a year now and we both couldn’t be happier. They offer first rate personal training and really know how to help you to get the results you really want. A stronger, well balanced, and tremendously better feeling and functioning body! What could be better!!! I most highly recommend you give them a chance. You’ll be very happy you did.

This customer rated you highly for professionalism.

David S. – Chagrin Falls

I’ve traveled quite a bit and I’ve worked with trainers from all over the world, but Jason is by far the best. I love his approach to fitness. He combines strength training, metabolic conditioning, cardio, and Pilates, so you get an amazing workout that challenges you, but doesn’t beat you down. He’s a patient teacher and the atmosphere in the gym is friendly and welcoming. He’s helped me address mild scoliosis, overcome running injuries, and get back into shape after having my third baby. I’m consistently getting stronger and meeting my goals. As long as I’m in Cleveland, I’ll be working out at POWERSPORT.

Raechel E. – Chagrin Falls

POWERSPORT Fitness is the best! Jason and Casey are fun to work with and they are always pushing you for your personal best. My husband and I love our workouts and we can really feel a difference in our bodies in the last year. Jason and Casey are knowledgeable and the care about their clients. I cannot recommend POWERSPORT Fitness more highly!

This customer rated you highly for professionalism, work quality, value, punctuality, and responsiveness.

Jennifer B. – Chagrin Falls

Jason Berner at his fitness studio, POWERSPORT Fitness, has been a life-saver for me. For over two years, I have suffered from various injuries and chronic pain. After seeing Jason for about 8 months, my injuries and chronic pain have subsided. I feel so much stronger and happier and, in a few weeks, will return to the tennis courts.

Jason is very knowledgable and very attentive when you are using the Pilates reformer. He watches closely for proper positioning and form. He is responsive to your feedback regarding the appropriate tension of the springs. He uses his fitness machines and fitness “toys” in fun and creative ways. There is a good combination of endurance, strength training and stretching for a total body workout. He always has your best interest at heart. There are no hidden agendas.

I am very happy that I have him in my “physical wellness” arsenal to help keep me happy, healthy and strong.

Judi S. – Shaker Heights

I’ve always been a runner, but wanted to try something new to improve my speed and endurance. When I first walked in to PowerSport I was intimidated since starting a strength training program and having a personal trainer was new for me. Jason welcomed me and was open to what goals I wanted to accomplish. He quickly made me feel at ease and shortly I began a training program that was perfect for my needs. After just a month, my energy levels improved, and I could run faster and further than I could before. I’m so glad I chose PowerSport! I couldn’t be happier with the results and I look forward to my weekly training sessions.

Lindsey P. – Aurora

I have trained with Jason since he first opened his gym. He is a great trainer, very knowledgable and patient, and both gives and requests feedback in order to enhance the experience. The equipment is of the highest standard and I have no hesitation in recommending Jason and his colleague Casey.

Gareth M-S. – Cleveland Heights



POWERSPORT Fitness is more than just a gym.  It’s a one-of-a-kind personal training facility dedicated to helping you achieve your health, fitness and performance goals.


Certified personal training experts in a friendly, professional environment.




Whether you work out on a consistent basis or need a refresher, we are here to get you moving. Our first meeting starts with a conversation about your fitness goals, followed by a workout that allows us to assess your movement.  A certified personal trainer works closely with you to design a plan that works for YOU!


Stop in today to take a tour of the facility and meet our staff! We are located 6 miles from Chagrin Falls and 8.5 miles from Aurora Ohio.